What's the best way to get spots out of my carpet and what's the best spotter?

First let’s look at what a spot is. A spot is any type of foreign matter on our carpet, fiber, or upholstery that’s not supposed to be there. There are endless possibilities for what that foreign matter could be and it requires two things to remove it. A cleaning agent to emulsify and dissolve it, and action to remove it. 

The simplest way to understand this is with our “Spray. Wipe. Rinse. Repeat.” instructions. The Green Mitt Kit is the world’s easiest soft surface cleaning solution for a reason. Spray with the cleaner to emulsify the spot. Wipe with the Green Mitt to extract the spot from the fabric. Rinse the Green Mitt and watch the spot flow down the drain. Repeat. 

It’s important to always use the safest cleaning solutions first when spotting. That’s why you should always start with our carpet and upholstery cleaning solution. This is the diluted Super Concentrate. It’s an effective cleaner that will get out or dissolve 95% of the spots you typically come across. If it’s not effective, then move onto the spot and stain remover, which along with the absorption power of the Green Mitt will effectively grab and absorb the remaining 3% of the spots. 

But wait, there’s 2% left you say! Anything that these two cleaning solutions won’t remove, will require specialty spotting chemicals. Nail polish will require acetone, which is nail polishing remover. Ink will require an ink remover. Rust will require a specific acid to remove it. Dyes from popsicles or drinks will require a method known as a heat transfer, which requires parts A and B of a two part chemical mix and the heat from a steam iron. This gets complicated. Don’t worry about the final 2% or email us and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction. 

The majority of the spots that you have will come out with one of our two products. And they’ll come out without leaving a residue that causes an even bigger spot over time. Consider this… Certain spot removers “remove” foreign matter by spreading it around in a foam with a bristle brush. All this does is create a bigger spot. Woolite does this. It happens because it’s only focusing on the first step in removing a spot and ignoring step 2. There’s nothing there to actually grab and remove the soil. Another common spotter, Resolve, causes certain fibers to lose color because it’s too aggressive. This happens because it uses oxygen to slightly burn the spot off a fiber, which will take some of the dye out. 

The worst thing you can do with a spot is make it even worse. You’d be better off leaving it alone. Unfortunately there are a ton of products out there that don’t take this into consideration. Clean Safe Products ensures you’ll not only remove 98% of spots, but you won’t ruin your fabric or make anything worse in the process.