Is it safe to use water on my fabrics? The tag says dry clean only...

I’ve been in the cleaning industry for over 3 decades and I can tell you with 100% certainty that every fabric I’ve ever come across can be cleaned safely with the Green Mitt Kit. 

Let me be clear… this isn’t the case with all cleaning processes. Some fabrics can’t be cleaned at all with hot water extraction, while others are fine. Some can be cleaned marginally well with a fine fabric shampoo. Some react poorly to shampoo. 

I know what you’re thinking… unless you’re a certified professional like I am, how the heck are you supposed to keep track of this? I don’t blame you if it’s confusing. 

Let’s make it easy.

What separates the ability to clean these fabrics is simply the amount of water. The safer a fabric is to clean, the more water that can be used. 

Thankfully, the Green Mitt is a low moisture system. This is why it’s safe to use on every fabric I’ve ever come across. 

For most fabrics it’s recommended to use a water based cleaning method. But some fabric… linen, silk, or an inexpensive newer fiber called viscos…can’t handle water. 

And just a heads up on viscos- avoid this fabric whenever possible. It doesn’t hold up to wear and tear and it can’t be cleaned well, no matter the method. 

Most of the concerns with over-wetting comes from uneducated cleaners using a high PH cleaner or high heat in hot water extraction. Either of these would cause dye migration or color bleeding. Picture a sofa with red and white stripes… with high heat or high ph, the red would bleed into the white and the sofa would be ruined.

These concerns don’t exist with the Green Mitt. Clean Safe Products neutral ph stabilizes dyes and you can avoid hot water entirely, so there’s no need to worry about color bleeding. 

The one concern you should have with water is that some fabric, if it gets too wet, will leave a water stain. To avoid this, simply get a small area wet and let it dry. If there’s a water spot it doesn’t mean you need to stop cleaning. First, don’t get it too wet. Second, make sure you wet the entire section you’re cleaning. If you don’t create a spot with the water, there won’t be a water spot. Simple as that. 

It’s important to realize that when using our Green Mitt with its micro absorbent fibers, your water usage is low. Wring it out so that the Green Mitt is damp, not dripping wet. This is why the concerns about using water on soft surfaces, even the most delicate fabrics, are not something you need to worry about with the Green Mitt. 

How long does it take for my fabric to dry?

One of the benefits to not over-wetting your fabric is drying times will be much shorter.

Remember, you're using minimal water, wringing out the Green Mitt so that it's damp and not soaking wet before you wipe it on your fabric.

Regular drying time when used as directed should be 1-2 hours in most climates.

Some tips to speed this up would be to have the heat on in the winter, have the AC on in the summer (air conditioning dehumidifies the air removing water), or blowing a fan, or fans, onto the recently cleaned fabric.

All of this will help lead to your soft surfaces drying quickly and you back on the couch in no time!

What's the best way to get spots out of my carpet and what's the best spotter?

First let’s look at what a spot is. A spot is any type of foreign matter on our carpet, fiber, or upholstery that’s not supposed to be there. There are endless possibilities for what that foreign matter could be and it requires two things to remove it. A cleaning agent to emulsify and dissolve it, and action to remove it. 

The simplest way to understand this is with our “Spray. Wipe. Rinse. Repeat.” instructions. The Green Mitt Kit is the world’s easiest soft surface cleaning solution for a reason. Spray with the cleaner to emulsify the spot. Wipe with the Green Mitt to extract the spot from the fabric. Rinse the Green Mitt and watch the spot flow down the drain. Repeat. 

It’s important to always use the safest cleaning solutions first when spotting. That’s why you should always start with our carpet and upholstery cleaning solution. This is the diluted Super Concentrate. It’s an effective cleaner that will get out or dissolve 95% of the spots you typically come across. If it’s not effective, then move onto the spot and stain remover, which along with the absorption power of the Green Mitt will effectively grab and absorb the remaining 3% of the spots. 

But wait, there’s 2% left you say! Anything that these two cleaning solutions won’t remove, will require specialty spotting chemicals. Nail polish will require acetone, which is nail polishing remover. Ink will require an ink remover. Rust will require a specific acid to remove it. Dyes from popsicles or drinks will require a method known as a heat transfer, which requires parts A and B of a two part chemical mix and the heat from a steam iron. This gets complicated. Don’t worry about the final 2% or email us and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction. 

The majority of the spots that you have will come out with one of our two products. And they’ll come out without leaving a residue that causes an even bigger spot over time. Consider this… Certain spot removers “remove” foreign matter by spreading it around in a foam with a bristle brush. All this does is create a bigger spot. Woolite does this. It happens because it’s only focusing on the first step in removing a spot and ignoring step 2. There’s nothing there to actually grab and remove the soil. Another common spotter, Resolve, causes certain fibers to lose color because it’s too aggressive. This happens because it uses oxygen to slightly burn the spot off a fiber, which will take some of the dye out. 

The worst thing you can do with a spot is make it even worse. You’d be better off leaving it alone. Unfortunately there are a ton of products out there that don’t take this into consideration. Clean Safe Products ensures you’ll not only remove 98% of spots, but you won’t ruin your fabric or make anything worse in the process. 

What's the worst thing that can happen using this method?

The most important thing for you to know about Clean Safe Products is that it isn't just safe for ourselves and our families. It's safe for our fabric. 

If you follow directions, you will avoid the two biggest concerns when cleaning soft surfaces...  

1. Over wetting. This can cause a water stain on certain fabrics or possibly bleeding which can cause unstable colors (usually red) to migrate into other colors. Always wring out the Green Mitt so it's damp but not wet. 

2. Losing the feel of the fabric. This makes a fabric that has a nice soft feel to it, like a velour does, feel a little rough.

Most fabrics manufactured in the last 30 to 40 years are from a synthetic yarn that doesn’t leave this affect, but we can make sure by testing first. Simply dampen an area that you won't notice (the back, zippered, part of a cushion), wait 5 to 10 minutes until it dries and then feel it. If it feels nice and soft, you’re good to go.

Other than that, the worst thing that can happen is you don't get the results you're looking for because you have permanent discoloration. This happens when your fabric is damaged due to lack of attention or overuse.

Think of it like this... if you drive a car that’s beat up, rusty, dented and dirty through a car wash it’s going to look better. But the rust and dents will still be there. If you take care of your fabrics from the start with the Green Mitt Kit, you won't have this issue. 

What do you mean by soft surfaces?

Check out our "What It Cleans" page.

How hard is the Green Mitt Kit to use? How long does it take to clean my sofa?

You're not alone if you're wondering if the Green Mitt is difficult to use, or takes a lot of strength to get your soft surfaces clean.

The beauty of this product (and why it's considered the world's easiest soft surface cleaning solution) is that it’s no more difficult than wiping down a hard surface with a damp cloth. You probably wipe your kitchen counters daily. This is a similar process.

Because hard surfaces are smooth and soft surfaces aren't means this does take minimally more effort than wiping your counter, but the Green Mitt is designed to float along the soft surfaces with ease.

You do have to ring out the Green Mitt to remove soils from it, as well as re-wet it with the cleaning solution. All in if you’re cleaning a standard size sofa You might flush out the soils to rinse the Green Mitt four times. Once for the back cushions, once for the bottom cushions, and one time each for the arms and frame.

The best part... this process might take you FIVE MINUTES and your sofa is looking brand new! You're sitting there with your jaw dropped thinking... I’m going to do this every month and keep this looking awesome.

The Green Mitt Kit allows you to accomplish results just like a professional without the expense. Honestly, better than a lot of professionals. The fabric dries quickly, will be soft to the touch, and the colors will be vibrant again.  

Can I use your super concentrate with the carpet cleaning machine I already have?

Clean Safe Products Carpet & Upholstery Super Concentrate can and should replace whatever cleaning solution you may be using in any machine you own or rent. 

It’s the exact same all-natural cleaning solution that we use to provide our Alpine Cleaners clients with amazing 5 star results. We’re a professional cleaning company that’s been in business since 1989 and is a referral partner of Ethan Allen.

The problem with most cleaning solutions is that they are overly aggressive and leave a sudsy residue, causing a resoiling issue. Not only is our Super Concentrate, all natural, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, biodegradable, soap free, odorless & colorless… it cleans better than any other product on the market. Even if you didn’t care about all the “safe green stuff” and all you wanted were the best results… you’d land on our Super Concentrate.  

As far as how to get the best results cleaning carpets with an at home machine follow this plan… 


Vacuum your carpets thoroughly.


Use the Clean Safe Products sprayer and lightly dampen the carpet with a warm diluted concentrate.

STEP 3  

Let the solution sit or dwell for a few minutes to loosen ground in soils.  


Extract with your machine and a diluted solution of the cleaner as your extraction water. 

That’s it! No rinsing required. No residue. Don’t over wet the carpet. Always do a drying pass and you’re good to go. You’ll get the best and longest lasting results you’ve ever had cleaning your carpet, as close to professional as you can get.

Does this really work better than other methods? How do I know this will work?

We can all agree that experience matters. After spending almost 4 decades in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry I know a thing or two about cleaning soft surfaces and keeping the fabric in your home looking brand new. 

My name is Keith DiGregorio and along with my son Ryan, we’re the founders of Clean Safe Products and the Green Mitt Kit. 

After graduating college in 1985 I started my career working for a specialized carpet and upholstery company catering to high end clients. There I worked alongside 20 or so other service reps learning the ins and outs of cleaning every type of fabric imaginable. 4 years later, in 1989, I left to start Alpine Cleaners.  

This company is still in operation today, and I’m proud to say we’re the most referred company in the area with an average rating of 4.9. We’re an IICRC and Clean Trust certified company and we were the first to adopt exclusively green certified, indoor air quality, asthma and allergy certified cleaning products. 

I am personally certified in multiple disciplines from the IICRC including carpet cleaning, upholstery and fabric cleaning, odor control, and applied microbial remediation. All of this knowledge and experience went into the development in the Green Mitt Kit. 

The quick story behind Clean Safe Products is a natural progression of processes used throughout the years. The industry has gone through many changes in the 39 years I’ve been involved. It’s gone from preferred methods of dry cleaning, to shampooing, to hot water extraction. Upon creation of the split, super absorbent microfiber, I created a system that outperforms all other methods, and can easily be used by consumers with absolutely no experience cleaning soft surfaces. 

When we realized just how simple it is, we created the Green Mitt Kit, which is the exact process we use today at Alpine Cleaners. We use the exact same cleaning product and the exact same Green Mitt. And consider this- our customers gladly pay us between $450 to $570 to clean a sofa, loveseat and chair. 

This is the same process you’ll use with the Green Mitt Kit to clean spots on your carpet, keep your upholstery looking brand new, replace soapy and sticky detergent based solutions in your rug cleaning machines, and a whole host of other cleaning solutions. 

This product and process works, we’ve been using it for years, my customers love the results, and you will too. 

Is it safe for kids and pets?


It's safe to say most of us spend a lot of time on the couches, chairs, and rugs in our homes. You know... the comfortable soft surfaces.

For those of you who prioritize using safe, non-toxic cleaning products on your counters, kitchen sink, and toilets, doesn't it make sense to use safe products to clean the fabric that touches your skin?

We think that's a no brainer. If you care about using safe products that get incredible results, the Green Mitt Kit is for you.

Can I use a regular microfiber that I already have? What makes yours better?

Not all microfiber cloths, or mitts are equal. Some are made from polyester, others are made from polyester and nylon. All microfibers are thin, to a minimum standard of one denier, which is roughly 1/100 the thickness of a human hair! Some are even more fine. The finer the thread, the more absorbent it is. With strands being even thinner than bacteria, they easily trap up germs, and the tiniest specks of dirt off a soft surface. On average, a microfiber cloth can absorb seven times its dry weight in water.

Our fibers are manufactured to a finer standard with a higher grade yarn. Our manufacturing incorporates a splitting process, creating a filament with wedges or sharp edges, increasing their efficiency at trapping fine particles. This process creates a fiber with an affinity to oils and water, allowing grease and soils to be quickly and efficiently removed. By comparison, regular rounded polyester, found in most other cloths or mitts absorb less, while pushing soils around.

When paired with our super concentrate or spot and stain remover, it is an ideal choice for those seeking a more effective, eco-friendly, fast drying cleaning solution. 

More info on the Green Mitt here

Will this leave any residue?

Both our Super Concentrate and Spot & Stain Remover are completely soap free, odor free, and non-toxic.

This means it won't leave behind a soapy or sticky residue, keeping your soft surfaces cleaner, longer.

An added benefit is that our products break down old soap and residues left behind from previous cleaners.