How It Works

Our super effective cleaning concentrate and our ultra absorbent Green Mitt work together as a team to be the easiest way to remove soils from your soft surfaces. The Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners role is to attack soil with the goal of loosening, dissolving, and separating them from the fibers. The role of the Green Mitt is to physically pick up and carry away the soils from the surfaces.

Let’s look at these two items separately.

Clean Safe Products Super Concentrate 

Is a powerful, soap and odor free, non-toxic, versatile cleaner. It will not leave behind a soapy, sticky residue, reducing rapid re-soiling, unlike so many over the counter products, so your carpets and fabrics stay cleaner longer. It breaks down all soap residue from previous cleaners. It’s green seal certified, with no volatile organic compounds and asthma and allergy approved to protect you and your family's health. I'm of course including your furry friends. It is carpet and rug Institute approved, a program that establishes test methods and performance criteria, certifying cleaning product effectiveness, as well as being independently recognized by companies such as DuPont stain master, Monsanto, Allied, fiber, and more.

The Green Mitt

Is a super micro absorbent fiber created to grab and hold soils from soft surfaces. A microfiber, is roughly 1/100 the diameter of a human hair.
Microfibers are revolutionary, environmentally friendly, and can be manufactured with 100% polyester or a specific polyester and nylon blend. It can be woven or non-woven. Each affects the quality of the microfiber and its ability to effectively clean the types of soils found on soft surfaces.

Our Green Mitt features a woven split microfiber, producing spaces in each fiber. Under extreme magnification, this split microfiber would somewhat resemble an asterisk. It’s the split fiber, and the edges they posses, that grab and hold the soils in the spaces within the fiber. The edges act like hooks, picking up and holding the dissolved soil and liquids. This makes the Green Mitt the ultimate easy to use super absorbent soft soft surface cleaning solution.