How hard is the Green Mitt Kit to use? How long does it take to clean my sofa?

You're not alone if you're wondering if the Green Mitt is difficult to use, or takes a lot of strength to get your soft surfaces clean.

The beauty of this product (and why it's considered the world's easiest soft surface cleaning solution) is that it’s no more difficult than wiping down a hard surface with a damp cloth. You probably wipe your kitchen counters daily. This is a similar process.

Because hard surfaces are smooth and soft surfaces aren't means this does take minimally more effort than wiping your counter, but the Green Mitt is designed to float along the soft surfaces with ease.

You do have to ring out the Green Mitt to remove soils from it, as well as re-wet it with the cleaning solution. All in if you’re cleaning a standard size sofa You might flush out the soils to rinse the Green Mitt four times. Once for the back cushions, once for the bottom cushions, and one time each for the arms and frame.

The best part... this process might take you FIVE MINUTES and your sofa is looking brand new! You're sitting there with your jaw dropped thinking... I’m going to do this every month and keep this looking awesome.

The Green Mitt Kit allows you to accomplish results just like a professional without the expense. Honestly, better than a lot of professionals. The fabric dries quickly, will be soft to the touch, and the colors will be vibrant again.