Does this really work better than other methods? How do I know this will work?

We can all agree that experience matters. After spending almost 4 decades in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry I know a thing or two about cleaning soft surfaces and keeping the fabric in your home looking brand new. 

My name is Keith DiGregorio and along with my son Ryan, we’re the founders of Clean Safe Products and the Green Mitt Kit. 

After graduating college in 1985 I started my career working for a specialized carpet and upholstery company catering to high end clients. There I worked alongside 20 or so other service reps learning the ins and outs of cleaning every type of fabric imaginable. 4 years later, in 1989, I left to start Alpine Cleaners.  

This company is still in operation today, and I’m proud to say we’re the most referred company in the area with an average rating of 4.9. We’re an IICRC and Clean Trust certified company and we were the first to adopt exclusively green certified, indoor air quality, asthma and allergy certified cleaning products. 

I am personally certified in multiple disciplines from the IICRC including carpet cleaning, upholstery and fabric cleaning, odor control, and applied microbial remediation. All of this knowledge and experience went into the development in the Green Mitt Kit. 

The quick story behind Clean Safe Products is a natural progression of processes used throughout the years. The industry has gone through many changes in the 39 years I’ve been involved. It’s gone from preferred methods of dry cleaning, to shampooing, to hot water extraction. Upon creation of the split, super absorbent microfiber, I created a system that outperforms all other methods, and can easily be used by consumers with absolutely no experience cleaning soft surfaces. 

When we realized just how simple it is, we created the Green Mitt Kit, which is the exact process we use today at Alpine Cleaners. We use the exact same cleaning product and the exact same Green Mitt. And consider this- our customers gladly pay us between $450 to $570 to clean a sofa, loveseat and chair. 

This is the same process you’ll use with the Green Mitt Kit to clean spots on your carpet, keep your upholstery looking brand new, replace soapy and sticky detergent based solutions in your rug cleaning machines, and a whole host of other cleaning solutions. 

This product and process works, we’ve been using it for years, my customers love the results, and you will too.