Can I use your super concentrate with the carpet cleaning machine I already have?

Clean Safe Products Carpet & Upholstery Super Concentrate can and should replace whatever cleaning solution you may be using in any machine you own or rent. 

It’s the exact same all-natural cleaning solution that we use to provide our Alpine Cleaners clients with amazing 5 star results. We’re a professional cleaning company that’s been in business since 1989 and is a referral partner of Ethan Allen.

The problem with most cleaning solutions is that they are overly aggressive and leave a sudsy residue, causing a resoiling issue. Not only is our Super Concentrate, all natural, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, biodegradable, soap free, odorless & colorless… it cleans better than any other product on the market. Even if you didn’t care about all the “safe green stuff” and all you wanted were the best results… you’d land on our Super Concentrate.  

As far as how to get the best results cleaning carpets with an at home machine follow this plan… 


Vacuum your carpets thoroughly.


Use the Clean Safe Products sprayer and lightly dampen the carpet with a warm diluted concentrate.

STEP 3  

Let the solution sit or dwell for a few minutes to loosen ground in soils.  


Extract with your machine and a diluted solution of the cleaner as your extraction water. 

That’s it! No rinsing required. No residue. Don’t over wet the carpet. Always do a drying pass and you’re good to go. You’ll get the best and longest lasting results you’ve ever had cleaning your carpet, as close to professional as you can get.