Can I use a regular microfiber product that I already have? What makes yours better?

Not all microfiber cloths, or mitts are equal. Some are made from polyester, others are made from polyester and nylon. All microfibers are thin, to a minimum standard of one denier, which is roughly 1/100 the thickness of a human hair! Some are even more fine. The finer the thread, the more absorbent it is. With strands being even thinner than bacteria, they easily trap up germs, and the tiniest specks of dirt off a soft surface. On average, a microfiber cloth can absorb seven times its dry weight in water.

Our fibers are manufactured to a finer standard with a higher grade yarn. Our manufacturing incorporates a splitting process, creating a filament with wedges or sharp edges, increasing their efficiency at trapping fine particles. This process creates a fiber with an affinity to oils and water, allowing grease and soils to be quickly and efficiently removed. By comparison, regular rounded polyester, found in most other cloths or mitts absorb less, while pushing soils around.

When paired with our super concentrate or spot and stain remover, it is an ideal choice for those seeking a more effective, eco-friendly, fast drying cleaning solution. 

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